Stefano Manca
Deus ex machina of SUDESTUDIO. He's responsible for the Recording, Mixing and Mastering.
Former bass player of the classic melodic-core band "Suburban Noise".
He's the Mr. Wolf of audio engineering and basically he lives in his mixer.

Matilde Davoli De Rubertis
Recording, Mixing and Mastering.
She graduated from SAE Institute of Milano but her natural talent was refined in the real world.
Has been singer and guitar player of "Studiodavoli" and the electro-folk project "Girl with the Gun".

Valerio Daniele
A key player in the musical scene in Salento as musician and producer.
Expert in recording, mixing and mastering acoustic music with a special predilection for Jazz,
world music, and electro acoustic sperimental productions.

Daniele Moreno De Matteis
He collaborates both in Video and Audio productions.
His non-predictable creativity turns the studio routine into exciting adventures!
Website ⇒ eKID

Stefano Tramacere
He's in charge of Video production and technical support...if not surfing!

Marianna Russo
Responsible for Video, Photography and Malaika. She puts heads back in place!